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Тернате (язык) — Википедия Тернате — папуасский язык, который распространён в Индонезии, в провинции Северное Малуку. Очень близок к языку тидоре; эти два языка взаимопонятны, имеют практически общий словарь и очень похожие грамматики и могут рассматриваться как варианты единого языка... Ternate - The Full Wiki | From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Forested and mountainous, the nearly conical Ternate rises to the summit of Gamalama, or the Peak of Ternate (5,627 ft/1,715 m), the volcano whose flanks form the entire island. Extremely active, Gamalama has erupted more than 70 times since the 1500s. APOD: Dark Sun over Ternate (2016 Mar 10) - Starship Asterisk* The "Ternate Essay" <

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In the precolonial era, Ternate was the dominant political and economic power over most of the "Spice Islands" of Maluku. Today, Ternate is the largest town in the province of North Maluku, within which the island constitutes a municipality ("kotamadya"). Ternate Island. Ternate is dominated by the volcanic Mount Gamalama (1715 m). The volcano ...

The arrangement of veins in the leaf blade or lamina is called venation. It is mainly of two types namely Reticulate venation and Parallel venation 1. Indonesia - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas Kesultanan Ternate sempat memiliki wilayah yang luas meliputi kepulauan Maluku Selatan, Maluku Utara, dan Nusa Tenggara Timur. Akan tetapi, Maluku Selatan dan Nusa Tenggara Timur jatuh ke tangan pendatang Spanyol dan Portugis yang berdatangan pada awal abad ke-17.

2When the essay was reprinted in the collection Contributions to the Theory of Natural Selection in 1870, Wallace added the following note at this point: "This is under estimated.

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La "Ternate Essay" estis pionira raporto pri evolucio per natura selektado skribita sur la insulo fare de Alfred Russel Wallace en 1858 kaj fame sendita al Charles Darwin. Darwin tuj respondita publikigante la eseon de Wallace kune kun siaj propraj raportoj pri la teorio. Ternate - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia The "Ternate Essay" In 1858 Alfred Russel Wallace wrote his paper on Evolution here, which he sent to Charles Darwin for his attention. Contrary to popular belief, Wallace had not published a paper on evolution before 1858, nor had he intended the "Ternate Essay" to be published in the form in which he sent it to Darwin. Letters from Ternate | The Alfred Russel Wallace ... This letter was sent from Ternate, when Wallace was 4 years into his 'Eastern journey ' exploring the Malay Archipelago.I selected this letter not just for its content, fascinating though it is, but for the story behind it and the fact that this innocent letter has caused quite a stir, albeit unintentionally.